Suzume-San The Princess Hand Puppet

She consists of only head, torso and delicate arms made of fine white cloth, stuffed with kapok and sewed across at elbow and wrist. Her torso is also of stuffed cloth or of wood. Her kimono drapes down from the waist, hiding the fact that she has no legs and is supported by a wooden dowel running up into her waist. She needs only two control rods, one at each wrist. With practice, one puppeteer should be able to make her move gracefully. Her head is stationary as shown. If you wish, it can be controlled by a wire as previously illustrated. Maybe you will be lucky enough to find a Chinese or Japanese doll head. If not, try to model her head after such dolls pictured in books in the library. A Japanese doll will also show you how to design her costume.

Casting Plaster
The Princess' head can be cast in fine plaster. Plaster can be finely carved and smoothed and it simulates the white complexion of a powdered Oriental maiden. A plaster head can be cast from a plaster shim cast mould. Make sure the mould is well greased and that the plaster is thoroughly mixed.

Suzume-san The Princess Hand Puppet