Little Miss Muffet, The Spider Hand Puppets

Here is a way to fill a rainy day with fun: make a puppet and give a little show. Most of the materials you will need are around the house. Glue, poster paint, colored paper, rags, yarn, old socks - do you have them? Then, let's go!

You need yarn, a bit of lace or rickrack, construction paper, a bathroom tissue tube or paper towel tube and an old glove. Cut a 3-inch section of the tube (3 1/2 inches if you are using paper towel tube). Make another tube of stiff paper big enough to fit snugly over the top of your first finger, but too tight to slip down past the second joint of the finger. Insert this tube into the larger one and glue it in place with no more than an inch sticking out. Cut the eyes, eyebrows and mouth out of paper and glue them in place. Make three coils of yellow yarn. Tie them together as shown. Glue them in place on top of the tube face. Miss Muffet needs a glove body with a bit of rickrack or lace sewed to the palm to give her a flouncy look.

MISS MUFFET hand puppet

Sew or glue an old piece of fur to the back of a glove. Glue six shiny black buttons into the fur for eyes. Crouch your fingers to make the awful creature scuttle up behind Miss Muffet.

A Glove Body
To make a quick body out of an old glove, just tuck the fingers you are not using out of sight. Or you can cut the spare fingers off and sew up the holes. You will need a glove large enough to allow you to double your fingers up inside. Hands of cardboard can be slipped over the ends of the second finger and thumb.