Goldilocks Hand Puppet

Paper heads are fun and fast to make with construction paper and glue. On pink construction paper draw out the large shape, A, about twice the size shown. Cut out along the solid outside line. (The features are shown only to show you where to glue them.) Bend this piece around, overlap and glue at dotted line to make the basic head shape. Now copy out the features and cut them out: lips, B; nose, C; and eyelids, D. Light blue paper is good for the eyelids, pink for the nose, red for the lips, yellow for the hair. Bend the two little tabs of each eyelid under and glue them in position, not perfectly flat, but cupped outward like a real eyelid. Eyes and eyebrows can be painted on or also cut out and glued. Lips and nose are glued on in the same way.

Braid the long side tabs of the hair piece, E, and curl the bangs so that they fall over the forehead when the piece is glued on top of the head shape. (Crepe paper is best for this wig.) Roll the neck piece, F, around your first finger so that it fits snugly down to the second joint, then glue. When it is dry, glue it up inside and against the back of the head shape to form the neck. Roll and fit the hands, G, to fit your thumb and little finger. Use an instant body, a glove body, or the simple puppet skirt. You can use this same basic head shape and method for any other human character you wish to make.