Klondike Kitty Hand Puppet

This feline vamp has long-lashed eyes, a tight-fitting sheath dress of mustard velvet, and a long white furry tail which she drapes up over her shoulders like an ermine stole. Her head can be cast in plastic wood, papier-mache or Celastic.

Casting Celastic
Celastic is the trade name of a material that makes light, practically unbreakable puppet heads. It is expensive compared to plastic wood or papier-mache. The material is purchased by the yard along with some acetone and a special parting agent which prevents it from sticking to the plaster mould. The mould should be wetted, then the parting agent brushed on. The Celastic is torn in strips and made pliable with the acetone. It is then laid in the mould much the same as in casting papier-mache, although two layers are usually enough. Always work in a well-ventilated room and use rubber gloves to protect your hands.

Movable Eyes
Movable eyes should be mounted in the front half of the head before the two halves are joined together. They can be made of wooden beads or doll eyes. Kitty's eyelashes are of the kind purchased at cosmetic counters. Her eyes are controlled by the tip of the finger inside the puppet head, but movable eyes can also be operated by a wire passed down through the body. This method occupies both the operator's hands, however.

KITTY Hand Puppet