Hand And Mouf Hand Puppet, Puppets On Tv

This luminous hand and mouth float before a black background, pantomiming to Al Jolson recordings. The mouth is a doughnut-shaped roll of white cloth sewed to the ends of the fingers of a black glove attached to a black sleeve. The hand is a white garden or dress glove attached to a black sleeve. Black velvet is best for sleeves and background, as it absorbs light well and sets off the white objects. Hand and Mouf have been used successfully on TV.

MOUF hand puppet

Puppets on TV
Television offers many technical advantages that are not found in live puppet theater. For instance, there is an electronic process called "blanking down" which increases the light contrast in the TV picture so that Hand and Mouf can be made to float in darkness with absolutely no sign of human aid. TV offers all the advantages of movies: the opportunity to change from scene to scene instantaneously, close-up pictures of the puppets, electronic double images, etc. Puppets need not be large for television, as the camera can get close enough to make them loom big as life.

Puppets On Tv

A TV Stage
The television puppet stage can be as long as wished, because the picture can be quickly changed from a camera at one end of the stage to a camera at the other. The only limitation is the puppeteer's ability to gallop from scene to scene. Monitor sets should be positioned back stage, so that the operator can see exactly what kind of a picture of his puppets is being shown. When doing a show for TV, get as much practice as you can with the use of these monitor sets. It takes time to get used to the fact that you are seeing your puppet backwards; that is, the puppet on your left hand is on the right of the TV screen.

Black Light
The fluorescent paints and cloth and special lamps of theatrical "black light" are expensive, but can be very effective in live puppet presentations. There are special cloth materials from which Hand and Mouf can be made. There are colored liquid and spray paints with which puppet costumes and faces can be made to glow in the dark.