Instant Stages, Borrowed Hedda, Plasticman Hand Puppets

The heads of old rubber toys and dolls make good instant puppet heads. Sometimes the head has to be stuffed with cotton to let you hold your first finger tightly inside.

Model a head from plasticine or modeling clay, with a snug hole in the neck for your first finger. Here is a man of many faces, for with a pinch of your fingers you can flatten his nose or lengthen it or remove it altogether.

Instant Stages
By now you have your hands full of puppets. How about a stage? It won't take long to tack a sheet across a doorway, as in A. Make sure it is high enough to hide your head, but not so high that it hides the puppets you hold up. You can drape the same sheet over the front of a table and lift your puppets from a kneeling position behind the table, B. Or wear a big apron, C. Its corners can be lifted by two fellow puppeteers - in just one instant.

Instant Stages