An Instant Body, The Hand Positions, Paper-Bag Gremlin, The Envelope Bird Hand Puppets

An Instant Body
To make a quick body or "skirt" you need a large handkerchief and a rubber band. Hold your hand in one of the two hand positions shown below and drape the handkerchief over the extended fingers. Loop the rubber band over the handkerchief and around finger, A. Pull it around back of finger, B. Finally, loop it over your thumb, C. The head is placed on the first finger, and the thumb and the other finger become the puppet's arms.

Instant Body

The Hand Positions
Below are two ways of holding your hand inside a puppet. The first one gives the puppet's arms a longer reach and a better grip on props, but it tends to tilt the puppet to one side. The second position is more balanced, but the little finger makes a shorter arm. It is harder to get it and the thumb together to hold on to props. The first position is the one most commonly used and lie best for small hands.

Hand Positions

You need crayons, scissors and a small brown paper grocery bag. Flatten the bag out and turn it with the open side down. The fold across the top will be Bagdad's mouth and should be marked with a line of bright red. Cut out two white paper fangs and paste them to the edge of the fold, pointing downward. Now draw a button nose and two big droopy eyes above the mouth. Add paper feelers on top if you wish. Put your hand inside the bag and fit your fingers into the flap, as in A. You will find that by opening and closing your hand you can make Bagdad's mouth open and close. This gremlin speaks English, and he loves to sing.


You need an envelope and crayons. Put your hand inside the envelope, B, stretching your fingers into the upper corner and your thumb into the lower. With your other hand press in the front edge of the envelope. Pull it away quickly or it will be nipped, for by opening and closing the hand inside the envelope, you make Beaknik's beak open and shut. Add an eye, fierce or friendly, according to taste.

BIRD hand puppet