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Your Hand Puppets Are You

Here are one hundred and one puppets for you. The list begins with a handkerchief puppet that you can make with a twist of the wrist, and ends with a modern version of the giant and elaborate puppets of Osaka, Japan. Some of the ideas are brand-new; some are as old as history. If you were to construct and operate them all, you could consider yourself a master puppeteer. On the other hand, you will come to know, as every good puppeteer does, that the simplest hand puppet is often the best.

There are plays too, and designs for stages and props, suggestions on performance, and detailed instructions on the use of materials. Choose a puppet, gather your materials, and begin. Watch your puppet take life under your hands. Slip him on, turn him this way and that, cause him to speak, to laugh, to think - he will delight you; he might even surprise you.

The famous lady writer, George Sand, was a hand puppet fan. "Her feeling was that when she thrust her hand into the empty skirt of the inanimate puppet it became alive with her soul in its body, the operator and the puppet completely one."

It's true. Your hand puppets will lead you into a new and wondrous world from which you will not - cannot escape. It is, after all, the world of yourself.

101 Hand Puppets by Name!

  1. An Instant Body
  2. The Hand Positions
  3. Paper-Bag Gremlin
  4. The Envelope Bird
  5. Instant Bunny
  6. Thumbelina
  7. Winkums
  8. Jabberwacky
  9. Instant Stages
  10. Borrowed Hedda
  11. Plasticman
  12. Carrie Carrot
  13. Apple Pirate
  14. Turnip The Tusker
  15. Eggbert
  16. Matchbox Monster
  17. Spoonerella
  18. Rapid Rabbit
  19. The Ghost
  20. A Handful Of Angels
  21. Big Chief Applesass
  22. Og-17
  23. Hand And Mouf
  24. Puppets On Tv
  25. Jumbo
  26. Hot Dog
  27. Anna Conda
  28. Mark Twain
  29. Pecos Pete
  30. Lightning Bug
  31. Huff N Puff
  32. The Maestro
  33. The Worms
  34. Hush Columbo
  1. The Thing
  2. The Gashouse 4 Plus 1
  3. Top Hat And Feather Boa
  4. Cecelia Ostrich
  5. Scribbles Mcdibble
  6. Tropical Flower
  7. The Lynch Bros
  8. Finch
  9. Wahini Loa
  10. The Dancing Palm Tree
  11. The Purple People Eater
  12. The Weirds
  13. Bird Mcdermitt
  14. Dame Riding Hood
  15. Goodman Riding Hood
  16. The Wolf
  17. Dusty Rodent
  18. Flak J. Frog
  19. Talking Storybook
  20. Judy
  21. The Baby
  22. Toby The Dog
  23. Scaramouche
  24. Klondike Kitty
  25. Little Red Riding Hood
  26. Pat The Policeman
  27. Jack Ketch The Hangman
  28. The Ghost
  29. The Devil
  30. Punch
  31. The Great Ape Honk Kong
  32. Fabian The Fox
  33. Yankee Panky
  34. Miz Roo
  1. Wally Roo
  2. Bobo Blockhead
  3. Baldy Ball
  4. Raggedy Ruthy
  5. Gordo The Wizard
  6. Goldilocks
  7. Little Miss Muffet
  8. The Spider
  9. Maccus The Jester
  10. Harlequin
  11. Dancing Bear
  12. Making Up A Play
  13. Rainy Day Stages
  14. Papa Bear
  15. Mama Bear
  16. Baby Bear
  17. Robert Robot
  18. Stocking Dragon
  19. The Perky Pup
  20. Old Joe Crow
  21. A Nativity Shadow Play
  22. The Old Man
  23. The Old Woman
  24. A Handmaiden
  25. A Box Of Demons
  26. Pirouette
  27. Pietre
  28. Hilda
  29. Shadow Puppets
  30. Suzume-San The Princess
  31. Suzume-San The Sparrow
  32. Rod Puppets
  33. The Shadow Dragon

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